Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jam Break

Yes, it happens to be lunchtime and I happen to be hungry - so a PB&J may be in my near future, but I'm talking about a different kind of jam break right now.

That is, I've broken the logjam of I Can't Make Any Progress On Turning the Storage Room into a Studio.

Yesterday, I listed on Craigslist the three old furniture items I needed to get rid of as "free to good home," and also listed an older table loom for sale. By 3 pm, all were claimed. The dresser went to a couple with a young daughter, whose dresser it will be. The desk went to a man with his own business who didn't have a desk to work from at home. The table went to a woman who had just moved and needed a dining table that would fold down. 

I'll be delivering the loom to the purchaser next week when I head into town for other reasons.

So now that side of the room looks like this:

And it's the other side that's truly frightening - see below:

Next steps? Con Joe into helping me shampoo the carpet - or at least the 20% or so that's exposed, then....

Ikea, here I come!

I might actually get this done before the end of the year!

By the way, I'm really liking Craigslist right now. I just sold a set of Addi interchangeable needles too. Anyone need a warping board? In digging out the room I discovered, somewhat shamefacedly, that I now have three, which is at least one more than I need.  That's going on Craigslist next.

Jam not included.

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