Sunday, April 21, 2013

And So it Begins

Hello, the aether!

I am currently in the process of preparing to launch a new adventure. Or perhaps it's revisiting an old one.

I have a lot of fiber preparation equipment, and I like to knit. I used to like to weave as well. I knew how to crochet and make bobbin lace.

I've lost a lot of my expertise with these skills, and in a couple of cases nearly all of it.

So - I am preparing to launch back in to the world of fiber fanatics. As part of that, I have been cleaning out the room that I would like to use as a studio. When we moved into this house in 1998, I stuck my small-car-sized loom in a corner of this large room, threw a blanket over it, and it's sat there ever since. It's about half warped for a chenille throw that I started - oh, probably ten or twelve years ago, found a mistake in the warping, and abandoned it.

I have two-and-a-half spinning wheels (one only spins reliably in one direction - and you thought that wasn't possible!) as well.

This will be the documentation of my journey - my online journal of progress and experiences.

Here is the "studio" - it's mostly a storage room at this point, although it doesn't look terribly bad after several hours of work already. Posting this so I hold myself accountable for progress!

Other things to expect from me in future? The search for a good drum carder, and the search for a truly good spinning wheel - these have already begun.

Thoughts and photos of projects.

Comments about my re-entry into the fiber world.

And whatever else occurs to me.

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